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Mar 18

Crystal Communication

Clarity in communication is welcomed like a cool breeze on a hot day… Its always refreshing and its transparency is a welcomed shift when a situation gets ‘humid’!
Its a worthy reminder too, that so little of what we communicate is in the words we say. We develop relationships with one another, amongst colleagues and loved ones, and patterns emerge. Its essential we give others the opportunity to start fresh, to let go of the stories of the past, in order to create an opportunity for clarity in our resolve. With less and less communication actually in person, expressing our thoughts and feelings via emoticons, texts, posts, (Blogs!!!), asks even more of ourselves. Standing by our words and letting our actions speak volumes, even if we are not always right, is far better when it is clear. Be kind and compassionate when you are receiving another’s truth. You give each other the tremendous gift of permission to cultivate a valuable skill, being we all have the right to express ourselves with crystalline clarity without judgment, fear, and aggression.
As being shared in prior posts, we are blessed at Lumeria to witness the leadership of retreat leaders and transformation of the students that gather. They are all here to learn, share and support. Clarity in their intention and delivery has always been key to their success! With Respect & Aloha!



Mar 11

It takes a village..

Strength in unity, solidarity in numbers, it takes a village….. Coming together as a community is a powerful gift we give to one another; its an invitation to step into your own power and share your influence with others.  Recognizing the potency of your own presence can be an intimidating and confronting experience. Like ducks on the surface, calm and serene, we are often kicking hard below. It takes practice and patience to cultivate the ability to harness your own strength and be generous with sharing it with those in need. We are so blessed at Lumeria to bare witness to the positive acts of others week in, week out. To see those who gather here step into their strength with grace and generosity turns the worldly frown upside down! We all have the power to change, cultivate and manifest; come join us as we make it happen!



Mar 03

It Takes Heart!

Being immersed in a retreat environment has some amazing benefits. The constant exposure to new ideas, ways of thinking and relating from some of the world leaders in yoga, empowerment, mindfulness and health is certainly one of them. Although, hearing about and being invited into those special opportunities to sit in during a session is very different that actually putting the tools in practice! That takes courage! Time & time again we hear about the stumbling blocks of action; fear of failure, fear of potential, of being judged; so what about creating opportunities for people to feel supported, empowered to explore? It takes courage to both ‘step into the empty space’ as much as it does to ‘create space for others’. Our environment; working, family, friends, is key to ensuring you have to opportunity to step fully into your potentially and allow you to gift that same permission to others! Be bold, be generous, and be kind! If you ever felt yourself needing to seek some support or look into ways you can be at service to others, Lumeria is a great environment to offer just this!  With Aloha & Respect.


Feb 04

Importance of TLC

Flick on the news lately?? There’s a lot of action, activism, finger pointing, blame, solidarity,… lest we forget the importance of sharing, receiving and supporting the need for Tender, Loving, Care (TLC). Being on the blessed paradise of Maui affords us the luxury to tune into what matters, to be like the great Hawaiians and appreciate the beauty seen in all things… With the multitude or travelers, retreaters and explorers who visit us at Lumeria, there is never a more poignant moment than seeing love and kindness shared and received from a perfect stranger. It takes real courage to not only give the gift of love and kindness, but to receive it too. If you are feeling the vibe, then share it! If you needing it, find company with those who can share and don’t be afraid to ask!! It takes a village and you are always welcome at ours! Aloha & Respect.


Lumeria Maui

Jan 29

Bring Back the Knowledge

“You have two ears and only one mouth…” The old saying rings true in a time where so much is going out, but what is going in? We live on Maui, which at-times, can feel like a bubble (a beautiful one at that!) . Removed from much of the world geographically, we are always grateful to have the support of fresh knowledge shared with us as much as we can take. Lumeria being the active think tank that it is, we were recently blessed with a talk-story gathering from Mr Larry Brilliant of WHO acclaim and Baba Ram Dass; opening our minds and hearts to the possibilities of the future… “Turn within, love yourself and each other” was a powerfully delivered message. We are welcoming Dharma teacher and personality Josh Korda from Against The Stream Buddhist Insight Society next week, and the lessons & teaching shared roll on & on… Knowledge is like good nutrition, we need the good stuff not only to maintain, but also bring to us this must needed self-actualization the world’s appetite is asking of us! We’d love you to come and join us! With Aloha & Respect!


Jan 22


“….. If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again…” Story of the times these days! With thousands of men, woman and children marching in the US & around the world, we cant help but be reminded of many qualities, with perseverance ringing loud & clear. We are like sponges, and we don’t have a choice all the time as to what we soak up. We can however create a space that allows us to practice taking it all in and letting it go; to explore, succeed, fail and learn the art of perseverance . When we become strong, we have the ability to share our lessons; to remind each other of the tough times we have experienced, to create solidarity and perhaps support one another as we march together as one. Its takes a village, and we are here for each other in support!!


Jan 11

New Beginnings

2017 on Maui has welcomed the sunshine whist many of our friends are just getting over the peak of the Winter. We welcomed the Winter Solstice with 5Rhythms Dance, Tibetan sound bowls, Hula traditions and plenty of winter swell. It’s always an exciting time on Maui during the holiday period, with many guests staying with us retreating from colder climates or bringing ohana (family) together to enjoy the beauty of Maui. We have so much to be grateful for and excited about for 2017. We are looking forward to welcoming back some very special guests to the property for several events this year and the lineup of speakers, performers and retreat leaders is amazing.  With so much events, people and activities happening we approach it all unconditionally as much as we can. Our expectations are neutral as we have faith is what we can achieve together with the right intention! If you ever need a hand with setting your proverbial ‘course’ , we’d love to explore it with you together!


Dec 15

Rounding out the circle.

Approaching the year-end often carries a unique weight to it all. For some this year has been a triumph, for others it’s been a rather tricky experience of twists and turns.

We have a Chartres labyrinth at Lumeria Maui, a 7-chamber configuration that is often a go-to place for our visitors. The uniqueness to a labyrinth, as opposed to a maze, is there’s only one way in & one way out. Whilst it looks like an opposing task, it simply takes perseverance and faith to stay on the course, set your intention and remain as unconditional as possible; a poignant reminder for this year!

We are often reminded by the importance of a powerful beginning, a grounded mid-point and strong ending. Like the experience of many of our guests at Lumeria, we are looking at ways in which we can return back the root, to nature, and allow ourselves to break the predictable patterns that can make a labyrinth feel like a maze…. There is always a light at the end of our tunnels and we wish you our best for your journey into 2017!


Nov 10

Waves of Change

Yesterday, we spent a little time at Peahi (Jaws), watching the enormous 25ft swells steadily climb into the evening. The rising intensity and surge symbolic of so much we see, hear & experience in world right now. Its takes real skill, devotion, energy and courage to want to ride those waves; and equally so, having faith in how we can support one another. This is a pursuit that’s not just rooted in a thrilling experience, it’s equally so for our survival. We are blessed on Maui to witness the rawness of nature and how it can be such a powerful mirror for us.  In the background presently, we can hear the cathartic shouts and screams of 30 people in Lucia Horan’s 5Rhythms Workshop & this Saturday we band together for a fundraiser at Lumeria for the Roots Maui School. This is our way of navigating the symbolic heavy seas and tectonic surf. We create a space for the turbulent to be expressed, for new ideas and skills to be cultivated. We are always grateful to be in the position of such perspective and we are honored to share our experience with you. Take your time to smell the roses, move one step at a time and know there are people dedicated to supporting you.


Oct 19

Stories of the Past

It’s always special when we have a guest on property with a long history well before Lumeria!  Last week we had the honor of hosting a guest at Lumeria, Todd Erikson, a former youth leader when the property was operating under the Youth Development Enterprises in 1993. We specially roomed Todd in the same room he spent time in over 20 years ago, and we had an opportunity to connect with him and wife during his stay.  The excitement and nostalgia in his eyes was undeniable as he recalled the many stories of days gone by… With 16 boys to a ‘gang’, they were dispatched to Maui through a state youth program or those enrolled by choice. Spending their work time picking pineapple, and rare free time on field trips to historic sites or neighboring Lanai, the times were tough but life lessons shared amongst the young men were life-changing. Todd’s recent experience at the property was certainly a transformational shift from his time he spent here over 20 years ago. Like the guests of old, Lumeria today continues to offer opportunities for transformation and exists as one of our greatest gifts we share with each other.

Then, and now:

youth-pic  todd-erikson

Oct 05

Subtle Shifts & Changes

What a blessed summer we had here on Maui. We are starting to notice the soft changes about the island, reflected in the fauna and flora; the mangos came & went, and some early sprouting lilikoi’s (passionfruit) are blooming, much to our chef’s pleasure! Lumeria welcomed back some familiar retreat leaders and our Wooden Crate Cabaret has been hosting some awesome talent from the neighboring islands and right here at home; Big Mahalo to John Cruise for playing at the first annual Surfrider Maui awards! We are always gratefully humbled by what we can do as a team together and the opportunities life on Maui presents us. Here’s a sweet pic a recent guest shared with us… let your light shine through, no matter how cloudy our skies can get!