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Designed by Honolulu architect H.R. Kerr in 1910, Lumeria Maui holds a special heritage. As the oldest wooden structure on Maui, its first incarnation was as the original Fred C. Baldwin Memorial Home, erected by its namesake’s sugar cane family. Initially designed to house aging plantation laborers who dedicated much of their lives to cultivating the cane fields, the property and buildings have been used for a range of purposes since the early 1900s, including World War II military housing, and as a dormitory for the nearby Maunaolu Women’s College in the 1960s and 1970s. By honoring the site’s past while implementing innovative, aspirational design, Lumeria Maui was born as a uniquely beautiful destination on the Hawaiian islands.

Hawaiian Roots: We are honored to share the rich and storied heritage of North Shore and Upcountry Maui. In keeping with the traditions of Hawaiian culture, Mauian Kahuna (shamans) offered blessings of the property prior to the opening of Lumeria Maui retreat. The timeless spiritual energy of Hawaii permeates the property, and is a central aspect of the Lumeria experience today. We welcome guests and members of the local community to learn, enhance, and retreat with us on Maui’s North Shore.