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Bring Back the Knowledge

“You have two ears and only one mouth…” The old saying rings true in a time where so much is going out, but what is going in? We live on Maui, which at-times, can feel like a bubble (a beautiful one at that!) . Removed from much of the world geographically, we are always grateful to have the support of fresh knowledge shared with us as much as we can take. Lumeria being the active think tank that it is, we were recently blessed with a talk-story gathering from Mr Larry Brilliant of WHO acclaim and Baba Ram Dass; opening our minds and hearts to the possibilities of the future… “Turn within, love yourself and each other” was a powerfully delivered message. We are welcoming Dharma teacher and personality Josh Korda from Against The Stream Buddhist Insight Society next week, and the lessons & teaching shared roll on & on… Knowledge is like good nutrition, we need the good stuff not only to maintain, but also bring to us this must needed self-actualization the world’s appetite is asking of us! We’d love you to come and join us! With Aloha & Respect!


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