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Comfort in Nature

Taking the time to pause, take in the moment, and open our senses is an important practice need to cultivate and gift ourselves with. There is much distraction vying for our personal space, and taking a moment to reassess can help put things in perspective. We are blessed at Lumeria to be located in the naturally rich environment of Maui. Nature is our biggest teacher here and we always encourage guests & staff to take a moment to ‘smell the roses’ and bring our intention back to that which is natural. Seeing our own challenges, successes, needs and desires reflected in the natural setting is a comforting reminder that can always find connection no mater how far removed from our roots we become. People visiting Lumeria always fall in love with the physical setting here. Sure its a fastidiously landscaped project and world-class design, but it also maintains its natural edge, where life is abundant and has freedom to grow. We always love having our guests take the time to soak it all up & look forward to seeing you there! With Aloha & Respect

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