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Conservation & Action

Been noticing the rapid rise & call to action for the preservation of our natural environment? If the voiceless inhabitants of Earth could speak, we’d have received the message loud & clear a long time ago; alas we are facing an unpredictable future with much of the news often speaking to it been ‘too late’ more-so to what we can do! This voice from Lumeria is by no-means a professional in this field, although on Maui we have a wealth of opportunities to get behind our Earth’s plight and do what we can do, no mater how big or how small to make a positive impact. There is a direct correlation between taking steps towards caring for our planet and the positive steps towards taking positive steps in our own wellbeing. If we breath deeply into our ‘heart-of-hearts’ we can invite each other to step into that place of service, in both to the health of our planet & the well-being of ourselves.
On June 17th we are gathering together our favorite thought leaders, activists and performers to join us in honoring the deeds of Captain Paul Watson and his work of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. It will be an amazing opportunity to learn, celebrate and connect with each other under the umbrella of environmental preservation, freedom and education!
We’d love to see you there!




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