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Crystal Communication

Clarity in communication is welcomed like a cool breeze on a hot day… Its always refreshing and its transparency is a welcomed shift when a situation gets ‘humid’!
Its a worthy reminder too, that so little of what we communicate is in the words we say. We develop relationships with one another, amongst colleagues and loved ones, and patterns emerge. Its essential we give others the opportunity to start fresh, to let go of the stories of the past, in order to create an opportunity for clarity in our resolve. With less and less communication actually in person, expressing our thoughts and feelings via emoticons, texts, posts, (Blogs!!!), asks even more of ourselves. Standing by our words and letting our actions speak volumes, even if we are not always right, is far better when it is clear. Be kind and compassionate when you are receiving another’s truth. You give each other the tremendous gift of permission to cultivate a valuable skill, being we all have the right to express ourselves with crystalline clarity without judgment, fear, and aggression.
As being shared in prior posts, we are blessed at Lumeria to witness the leadership of retreat leaders and transformation of the students that gather. They are all here to learn, share and support. Clarity in their intention and delivery has always been key to their success! With Respect & Aloha!



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