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Finding your 'North Star'

What is it that drives you the most, that stokes your fire, that lifts you up when you are feel down…? ‘Knowing’ and cultivating a higher purpose behind what it is you ‘do’ can be such a supporting force when you need to give yourself a ‘pick-me-up’ or breathe new passion into a direction. Your ‘North Star’ can be that guiding light that allows you to cut-the-fat and keeps your dream alive in a world that is all-too predictable and controlling at-times. Person retreats and residential workshops are a great way to foster that self-belief; just the very act alone of carving out some ‘you-time’ can be a huge step in committing to something more expansive that yourself. Summer on Maui is a great place to explore and reconnect with yourself. There are lots of folks here to support you on the path, and always remember the world needs you!


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