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Flow like water

Going with the flow, following the stream, catching the drift… Being in harmony with the element of water is an accurate reflection of the peaceful and turbulent times we live in.
Many of us are aware of the huge proportionate that our bodies are made of, being this life-giving element, but how often do we have the opportunity to meditate, play and cherish this natural resource? Being adaptable and fluid are key attributes as we navigate the rougher challenges we inevitability face in our lives. Having an appreciation, if not devotion, to our natural elements can gleam some amazing gifts for ourselves and others. In the islands there is a deeply engrained love for the water, in all of its forms. We at Lumeria love to share this appreciation and offer many ways in which our visitors can experience the adoration we have. To simply close ones’ eyes and tune into the inner ocean of our being, we find truths that often rest in the realm of the inexplicable. We invite you to share your experiences and come on board for a journey with us! With aloha & respect.

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