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Importance of TLC

Flick on the news lately?? There’s a lot of action, activism, finger pointing, blame, solidarity,… lest we forget the importance of sharing, receiving and supporting the need for Tender, Loving, Care (TLC). Being on the blessed paradise of Maui affords us the luxury to tune into what matters, to be like the great Hawaiians and appreciate the beauty seen in all things… With the multitude or travelers, retreaters and explorers who visit us at Lumeria, there is never a more poignant moment than seeing love and kindness shared and received from a perfect stranger. It takes real courage to not only give the gift of love and kindness, but to receive it too. If you are feeling the vibe, then share it! If you needing it, find company with those who can share and don’t be afraid to ask!! It takes a village and you are always welcome at ours! Aloha & Respect.


Lumeria Maui

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