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It Takes Heart!

Being immersed in a retreat environment has some amazing benefits. The constant exposure to new ideas, ways of thinking and relating from some of the world leaders in yoga, empowerment, mindfulness and health is certainly one of them. Although, hearing about and being invited into those special opportunities to sit in during a session is very different that actually putting the tools in practice! That takes courage! Time & time again we hear about the stumbling blocks of action; fear of failure, fear of potential, of being judged; so what about creating opportunities for people to feel supported, empowered to explore? It takes courage to both ‘step into the empty space’ as much as it does to ‘create space for others’. Our environment; working, family, friends, is key to ensuring you have to opportunity to step fully into your potentially and allow you to gift that same permission to others! Be bold, be generous, and be kind! If you ever felt yourself needing to seek some support or look into ways you can be at service to others, Lumeria is a great environment to offer just this!  With Aloha & Respect.


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