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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy: Gentle manipulation of the soft tissues of the head, neck, and spine ease the restrictions of nerve passages, reduce pain, and invite a state of deep awareness and regenerative relaxation. Benefits may include reduction of chronic headaches, jaw tension, teeth grinding and anxiety, and an increase in rejuvenating sleep. Please wear comfortable, loose fitting pants and top (no dresses or skirts) for this treatment.  60 min. $140 | 90 min. $195 | 120 min. $280

Aqua Craniosacral Therapy: A deeper “dive”, this therapeutic treatment is performed at sunrise, in waist-high water. Craniosacral therapists support clients to deeply surrender to the experience of unwinding, releasing and healing. Water provides an expansive and soothing medium for the body to release tension, physical and emotional stress, and regain balance. Therapists firmly support and guide clients through a process of unwinding and releasing with this innovative and effective therapy combining traditional craniosacral therapy with the element of floating in water.  60 min. pool session $180 | 120 min. ocean session $280

starting at 60 min/ $140
starting at 90 min/ $195