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Ride the Wave

“I’ll ride the wave. Where it takes me” Eddie Veder, thank you, sir. Life sure does have the propensity to serve up all sorts of waves, large & small, enjoyable and down-right rough!
The ocean is a powerful metaphor and one of our greatest teachers on Maui. As a community we constantly learn to move together, teach each other and practice to ride these ‘waves’ no matter how they are dished up. At times, these waves become so large we need to learn how to get out of our own way, or if we get caught in it, how to surrender and let go. Life will always serve up situations where we need to learn to adapt. Turning to the support of others, and those of more experience, is crucial in navigating those tougher seas. When we willingly enter a large challenge, its not so much about ‘slaying it’ , or dominating, its about how can we ride through it together. Sooner or later we will come face-to-face with those forces larger than ourselves and this is where the practice of riding ‘with it’ serves us more efficiently than ‘dominating it’… As we become more and more in tune, the greater, longer and deeper the ride can be! Whilst we offer a slew of watersports/surf and dive courses at Lumeria, there are many workshops that explore how to ride those ‘figurative’ waves too! We invite you to ride with us sometime! With Aloha & Respect!


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