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Stories of the Past

It’s always special when we have a guest on property with a long history well before Lumeria!  Last week we had the honor of hosting a guest at Lumeria, Todd Erikson, a former youth leader when the property was operating under the Youth Development Enterprises in 1993. We specially roomed Todd in the same room he spent time in over 20 years ago, and we had an opportunity to connect with him and wife during his stay.  The excitement and nostalgia in his eyes was undeniable as he recalled the many stories of days gone by… With 16 boys to a ‘gang’, they were dispatched to Maui through a state youth program or those enrolled by choice. Spending their work time picking pineapple, and rare free time on field trips to historic sites or neighboring Lanai, the times were tough but life lessons shared amongst the young men were life-changing. Todd’s recent experience at the property was certainly a transformational shift from his time he spent here over 20 years ago. Like the guests of old, Lumeria today continues to offer opportunities for transformation and exists as one of our greatest gifts we share with each other.

Then, and now:

youth-pic  todd-erikson

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