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The Power & Practice of Rest

“Take your time, hurray up, choice is yours, don’t be late….” So much is asked of us these days, its integral we realize the importance of rest, even Kurt Cobain had a little to say about the decision, or rather indecision behind it all!
In all seriousness, ensuring we are in an environment that is not only conducive to our rest, but also supportive, is a great gift we can give to ourselves. At Lumeria we often overhearĀ the clear message that sleep rest and play are the key ingredients to life’s happiness. It takes practice and it takes a fair amount of discipline. Through the varied practices of meditation, the slew of yogic arts, to the wealth of information about diet, sound and color, we have many tools available to us. Taking the time to pick them up, explore and play with them is often the biggest challenge. We like to think of people taking the time for themselves as an investment of great value. That the dividends are huge, and if invested wisely, it can set ones-self up for sustained happiness and health! We can look to nature as our greatest teacher, just like this Maui honu (turtle), his kind have been around for millennia, and they sure know the value of rest! If you ever need a lesson, we can gladly guide you the way here… our doors are always open!


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