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Time to reset?

Taking the time to reset, unplug, re-group or time-out is becoming a discipline more and more of us have trouble committing to. Including ‘me-time’ requires careful time-planning and sacrifices from time to time. At Lumeria we hold the belief that me-time is not only a worthy investment, its also key to optimal functioning and enjoyment in life. Yes we must be challenged and yes we must be critiqued, but we also have to take time for ourselves in an environmental that is supportive to our own personal happiness. When we come together and ‘re-treat’, its a powerful reminder that we are not alone and that any worthy challenges we share can be supported by people dedicated in this world to improving the lives of others. We are always welcoming people to Lumeria for a myriad of different reasons. There is room to share and we cherish the uniqueness that resides within us all. With Aloha & Respect!


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