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Trust in teamwork

Developing the skills needed to work together positively as a team is essential to achieving greatness. We are all blessed with a diverse wheelhouse, but it takes maturity, humbleness and courage to realize we don’t have all the right answers all of the time. Creating a good environment where individuals can be critiqued, praised and inspired develops the crucial ingredient needed in effective teams; trust! Trust comes in many forms and developed in many ways. Fond memories of Don Miguel Ruiz’s ‘Four Agreements’ creates a good framework to develop trust; especially if we have been in those challenging situations where one’s trust has been taking for granted. We are blessed at Lumeria to be entrusted by our guests to take care of their wellbeing. It is a natural undertaking here and we are always honored to be at service to our guests, staff and community on Maui. We have many opportunities for you to join us at Lumeria this Summer; its a special time on the island & we’d love to take care of you!

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