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Waves of Change

Yesterday, we spent a little time at Peahi (Jaws), watching the enormous 25ft swells steadily climb into the evening. The rising intensity and surge symbolic of so much we see, hear & experience in world right now. Its takes real skill, devotion, energy and courage to want to ride those waves; and equally so, having faith in how we can support one another. This is a pursuit that’s not just rooted in a thrilling experience, it’s equally so for our survival. We are blessed on Maui to witness the rawness of nature and how it can be such a powerful mirror for us.  In the background presently, we can hear the cathartic shouts and screams of 30 people in Lucia Horan’s 5Rhythms Workshop & this Saturday we band together for a fundraiser at Lumeria for the Roots Maui School. This is our way of navigating the symbolic heavy seas and tectonic surf. We create a space for the turbulent to be expressed, for new ideas and skills to be cultivated. We are always grateful to be in the position of such perspective and we are honored to share our experience with you. Take your time to smell the roses, move one step at a time and know there are people dedicated to supporting you.


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