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Welcome with Warmth

You know that feeling when you feel so included, welcomed, wanted and the sense of belonging that another can create for you? Well, you have the ability to share it with others too. More and more we are drifting away from the traditional forms of connecting, such a letter, phone call, or meeting, (fax, hehe). We are now accustomed to texts, emails, snaps the old ‘poke’ from Facebook days… But in essence, we are all longing for connectivity and the power behind a heartfelt welcome is a special gift. At Lumeria we are in service to hospitality whereby a warm welcome is not only part of one’s processional ask, but also a responsibility the we trust in each other to provide to our visitors. Wanting to create that good impression, or create a relationship with another from the get go; then start off with the kind of greeting we all instinctively know we are capable of. Be kind to one another, be brave when extending your kindness and know the world is a better place with you in it! With Aloha & Respect.

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