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Summer Solstice in Maui with Hillary Skibell

June 18-23, 2017

Join Hillary for a week of yoga and meditation at this exquisitely designed oasis of tranquility on the north shore of Maui. Soak in the Aloha spirit and celebrate the longest day of the year, allowing the magic of the island and the summer solstice to connect you more deeply to your own inner radiance and the pulse of life itself. Expand your physical and spiritual practice with daily yoga sessions that will blend an inspiring vinyasa flow with slower meditative sequences. Philosophy, poetry and story will be woven into the teachings as a way to uncover what is possible on the mat and in our life beyond. This week will be sure to nourish your body, uplift your heart and open you to a greater sense of harmony and well being!

About the Teacher

Hillary believes yoga is an alchemical journey that not only builds more strength and freedom in the body, but one that cultivates greater clarity in the mind, openness in the heart, and connection to world around. She offers her students a physically challenging practice, embraced with heart and spirit. Her style draws from her studies in various traditions as well as her background in Tantra, Intuition MedicineTM, and Meditation. Her integrative approach blends the practice of yoga, life coaching, and intuitive guidance to expand what is possible in the body and in our lives beyond. A YogaWorks Certified Instructor, Hillary teaches classes, workshops, teacher trainings and retreats both locally and abroad.

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Passport to Bliss Yoga: Bikram Yoga Retreat

June 24-30, 2017

Join Jeffrey Rangel and the Passport to Bliss family at the Lumeria Retreat Center.  Bikram Yoga, meditation, and other yoga styles are offered to create the most restorative week possible. Relax, rejuvenate, and nourish your body with chef prepared meals. Improve your practice and explore Maui’s renowned beaches and magical scenery. Retreat includes : 2 daily yoga classes, guided meditation and  posture clinic/workshops , 6 nights lodging and meals,  and group transportation from Kahului airport.

$2000 Double Occupancy/2450 Single Occupancy

contact: Miranda Liu


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Mastin Kipp presents: Enter the Heart Maui Retreat

July 29 – August 4, 2017

Join Mastin for an intimate immersion experience into the depth of who you are!
Space is extremely limited


We believe that transformation is a life long journey. There is no arrival point. We believe that immersion is the key to rapid transformation.But – we also believe that IMMERSION is key for rapid transformation.

During this seven-day, meticulously designed experience, we will condense down six months of mentoring into a one week experience. The value of immersion is that there are no distractions. You are fully focused on YOU for a whole week.

AND, to make sure you are fully present, we are taking away your cell phone, email and all connections to the outside world. That’s right – a week away from emails, phone calls, text messages, social media and needing to react to life.

When was the last time you had a week without constant interruption from the world? If you are like most people, it was probably some time in the mid 90s or NEVER!

Once you apply, we will discuss cost and all other questions that you have. Your payment covers your luxury accommodations, three square alkaline meals a day and a daily green juice. However, airfare and transportation is not included in the cost of the retreat.

This journey is intense. It’s confronting, and it will take you deep into yourself to be able to unlock and unleash your authentic nature. The Enter The Heart retreat is a grounded and powerful approach that combines cutting edge personal growth modalities with ancient wisdom and practices so that YOU have a true experience of transformation.

And what’s so cool is that we give you tools for LIFE – so that you can use these tools once you get home and reintegrate back into life.

The other cool thing about this retreat experience is that it’s INTIMATE. We are only accepting a limited number of people for this journey.The Enter The Heart Maui retreat is designed for someone who is ready to go to the next level in their lives. This requires a big commitment in yourself – and of your energy, your money and your time. The people that you meet at Enter The Heart Maui will become friends for life because the bond that you create during this weeklong immersion experience is deep and profound.

You will join a soul tribe of people who are living life at the highest level and who are ready to fully commit to being truthful, vulnerable and doing whatever it takes to take their life to the next level.

This retreat is not for everyone. If you are looking for the cheapest option, we’re not it. If you are looking for an easy, breezy vacation to Maui, this is not it. If you are looking to party, this retreat is not for you.

This retreat is designed for people who are serious about living at the highest levels of life. Who are ready to stare at themselves for a week and support the group as we all go through a profound transformational experience.

This retreat is designed for people who have the courage to let go of normal life for a week and dive deep into the unknown urges of their Soul. This retreat experience is for people who love themselves or want to love themselves enough to realize that a week away from email, social media, texting and their circle of friends and colleagues is one of the greatest gifts they could ever give themselves.

The Enter The Heart Maui retreat experience is designed for great people who want the most out of life.

If that’s you – then apply today!



Mastin Kipp is a heart-centered coach for your life and business. Best-selling author. International seminar and retreat leaderHosting Mastin on her weekly show Super Soul Sunday, Oprah dubbed him an “up and coming thought leader of the next generation of spiritual thinkers.” Both an honor, and a mouthful.

Mastin’s mission is to connect people back to what makes them happy. Happy people make better choices, and better choices make for a better planet.

His book Daily Love: Growing into Grace is a national bestseller.

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Healing for Healers Retreat

August 17-20, 2017

This unique retreat is for psychic mediums, intuitives, and channelers who have a conscious connection to Spirit and the genuine desire to tune into their high healing ability to guide and support others.  Many of us are being called to go deeper in our work and embrace the healing work of alchemy–the ability to transform our lives and empower our clients to do the same.  More than ever I am meeting people who are going to psychics and mediums to get support to move forward on their path–they already believe in the spirit world and already believe that there is a force greater than themselves guiding them.  These types of clients aren’t looking for someone to tell them the future, they are looking for someone to show them how to create it!  

Mediums and psychics have the ability to tune into the power of alchemy and create the life they truly desire.  They can also help others do the same.  Yet, some of the most powerful mediums and psychics I meet don’t even know they have this ability or how to use it.

 In this retreat you will unlock your greater healing power and learn how to use it to transform yourself and others.  This means learning practical and simple tools such as trance mediumship, automatic writing and drawing, empowered healing principals, and energy alignment to tune into the highest healing vibrations of Spirit.  The healing exercises we focus on may include (but are not limited to) tools to:

         Locate and reclaim all aspects of your spiritual power

          Locate and dissolve the energetic barriers that block self love, self worth, and self esteem

          Identify your unique healing gifts of alchemy

         Learn Alchemy 101

          Attune to your perfect frequency to attract the highest and best healing vibrations for yourself and clients

          Break addictions to lack/unrequited abundance

          Disconnect and protect yourself from negative interference created by others

          Get the guidance and mental, emotional, energetic attunement to magnetize your vibration to attract what you desire and shift out of feeling stuck, lost, or confused

         Form a healthy partnership from Spirit and let go of the ‘wounded healer’

          Align your business to your unique healing ability to attract the clients you love and increase your income NOW

          Get techniques to heal from a place of empowerment to stop clients draining you or forming codependent relationships

This retreat will be limited to a maximum of 10 students allowing us more opportunity to focus on healing related to your specific needs and interests.  By working in a group with other powerful healers you will accelerate and strengthen your ability to finally move past the same old story, the same old blocks that have been holding you back.  You will get the tools and resources to do the work you truly love to do the way that you truly wish to do it without putting yourself into pain or hardship.

Best of all, this retreat is located in Maui, which some people consider to be the heart chakra of the earth.  Come to this sacred place to open your spiritual heart, attune your energy to the highest vibrations of Spirit intelligence, and awaken deeper levels of your innate healing power.


Total investment for this retreat includes 1) Healing For Healers Retreat program 2) Three nights accommodation at Lumeria Maui, 3) Daily breakfast, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners (vegan and gluten free options available), 4) Access to daily activities at Lumeria Maui

Early Bird investment (by 5/5/17)

  Single occupancy:  $1,750

  Double occupancy (one King/one Queen): $3,000 total

  Hawaii residents (ID required):  $750

Regular investment (by 7/5/17)

  Single occupancy: $1,997

  Double occupancy (one King/one Queen): $3,500 total

  Hawaii residents (ID required):  $997

Late investment (after 7/5/17):

  Single room: $2,244

  Shared room for 2 people (one King/one Queen): $3,994 total

  Hawaii residents (ID required):  $1,244

Please note:  Payment plans are available with a $750 deposit.  Because of the limited space available for this experience, no refunds will be issued on any payments made.    It is highly encouraged you also book travel insurance for this trip. 


Candice Thomas’ workshops have change my life… really!   My husband noticed a big difference in my outlook and said “ find out when the next workshop is….you’re going whether you want to or not!” She has given me the confidence and support to step out of my box and share my gifts with the world. Thank you Candice! 

— Donna Lindbloom

…I am constantly and consistently in awe of the miracles that [Candice Thomas] and I have worked together.  She pushes me to where I am sometimes I am afraid to go….  Who else would know that I needed to be reminded of the greatness of the work I have chosen as a spiritual life coach?  She has propelled me onto a stage with authors I have only read; she has opened doors through her belief in me and my universal purpose.  I hope, if you are contemplating hiring Candice…you will choose to do so. This has been the best financial decision I have made to date.

— Angie Corbett Kuiper

 About Candice Thomas

Candice Thomas had been an accountant in a federal government agency for 10 years when her intuitive and mediumship gifts awakened.   The experience led her on a path to understand the nature of intuition and soul purpose.  She now specializes in connecting clients with their loved ones in the afterlife and working as an intuitive advisor who empowers clients to manifest career and business success by developing their own intuition.  Per Candice the purpose of being psychic is less about predicting the future and more about creating it.  

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Spiritual Intimacy and Yogic Sexuality: An Immersive Retreat with Guru Jagat and John Wineland

September 20-24, 2017


  • Daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Guru Jagat
  • Break Out Men and Women’s Work as well as Deep Yogic Intimacy and Embodiment work with Guru Jagat and John Wineland
  • Luxury Accommodations at the Lumeria Resort on the Sacred and Activated Island of Maui
  • 2 Organic, Locally Sourced Meals Per Day


  • Practice learning to open your heart, even when triggered or challenged
  • Learn how to deeply nourish your lover through praise and devotion
  • Learn to open channels that will allow you to receive love and give love more deeply than you ever thought possible
  • Practice the art of intimacy, praise, sexual gifting and loving from an embodied space
  • Learn the keys and benefits to being totally embodied during sex
  • Get deeply skilled at discovering what turns your lover on and giving it to them in ways they never dreamt possible
  • Learn nourishing a exciting ways to connect daily with your partner
  • Learn to create sexual polarity that leads to mind blowing sex
  • Learn how to artfully transmute each others anger and sadness in deep connection and turn on
  • Learn to play with the inherent polarity that powers deep intimate relationships
  • Learn the keys to bringing out the best in your partner
  • Learn to call forth what you want in your partner or future partners
  • Learn how to communicate kindly and cleanly without collapse




Deemed the modern face of Kundalini Yoga, Guru Jagat ( brings a fresh perspective to this ancient practice. A senior teacher with over a dozen years of experience, Guru Jagat studied under Yogi Bhajan, the Kundalini Master responsible for bringing the practice to the US. Her profound classes, teaching Kundalini as a technology and tool that can be used to achieve and sustain long-lasting happiness, have earned her devout fans from around the world. Guru Jagat is founder of RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology—a leading yoga school in Venice, California and Mallorca, Spain (—offering classes, retreats, workshops and trainings. She is the Founder and CEO of  RA MA TV (—a virtual media platform that makes Kundalini yoga and yogic lifestyle accessible worldwide, as well as indie yoga music label RA MA Records with a mission to trail-blaze a new genre of music with mass appeal both in and out of the yoga space.  Her non-profit work has culminated in the the founding of the RA MA Foundation ( whose mission is to introduce this fastest growing modality of Yoga, Meditation, and Wellness to underserved populations throughout the United States and abroad. Her book Invincible Living (Harper Collins) (w is available wherever books are sold.  She has been a featured speaker at Emerging Women conference, Wanderlust Festival, Kripalu Center and the Omega Institute. Recently featured on Vogue’s 7 Chic New LA Wellness Gurus to be Found on Instagram (, for her uplifting feed. Her retreats and workshops have also been recommended as top destinations by Yoga Journal, Vogue Magazine, Chalkboard and many others.  Guru Jagat’s Women’ Programming includes Immense Grace and the Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society.  Enrollment opens 


Entertainment Tonight

People Magazine:


John Wineland ( is an LA based speaker and teacher leading men and women in the practices of embodied masculine leadership, spiritual intimacy, and sexual polarity.

For the better part of a decade, John Wineland, an LA-based men’s group facilitator, speaker and teacher has been guiding both men and women in the realms of life purpose, relational communication, sexual intimacy and embodiment.

Known for his groundbreaking work with men, John travels world-wide teaching his vision of embodied men’s work and deep relational practice.  In 2014, he founded The New Men’s Work Project, which has attracted men from around the world looking to develop as leaders in their relationships and communities. The Project is committed to the staggering goal of creating 1000 men’s groups world-wide in the next ten years and has already supported trainings and groups throughout Europe and the U.S.  John’s clients include entrepreneurs, leading thinkers in the world of personal development and entertainment, Ted speakers and creative leaders in Hollywood.

John has studied and assisted with some of the world’s leading spiritual, tantric and relational teachers; and he brings this multi-faceted approach, which is both energetic and highly practical, to his workshops and experiential coaching sessions. John’s embodiment driven teaching draws from not only over 30 years experience of his own Buddhist meditative practice, but from the deep lineages of Vajrayana, Tantra, and Kundalini yoga; as well as the Taoist traditions of Iron Shirt Qi-Gong, to create a profound experience for men and women longing to express their deepest desires with open, fierce and loving hearts.

John is a frequent contributor to The Good Men Project, writing on spiritual and relational masculine practice; and has been featured on The Elephant Journal and Love TV.  This year, John’s first book, The Art of Masculine Leadership will be offered by Make a Difference Press in late October.  He will also be traveling throughout Europe and the U.S. leading workshops on embodied men’s work and sexual intimacy. Specific offerings include:



 ““My wife and I love each other but we have struggled with truly communicating with each other in every sense of our relationship – intellectual, physical, how we parent, etc. In working with John, you are taken on a guided journey to become more aware of yourself and how you interact with your partner. There is no book or course that you can take to make up for the experiential learning that John provides through homework, careful observation and feedback, and various exercises. With John’s teachings, we are truly living our lives connected as lovers, partners, and parents – and it’s amazing. John is there in service of you, not to please you, so carefully listen to him, live his teachings, and you will be amazed at what you experience. Thank you for everything John!””

— JP Ramon

““After meeting Guru Jagat and becoming introduced to the technology of Kundalini Yoga, every part of me has become awakened. I’m clearer, stronger, more conscious, and more creative than ever. I am in a place I always wanted to get to, but could never quite figure out the way before. Guru Jagat’s tell-it-like-it-is style is modern, relatable, and very do-able-I love it.”

— Alicia Keys

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Revitalize and Deepen your Practice with Jason Crandell

October 4-10, 2017

The Location

Imagine nourishing, farm-to-table cuisine, luxurious rooms, and lush, tropical gardens overlooking Maui’s North Shore. That’s precisely where you’ll find yourself at Lumeria Maui, the magical site for our retreat.

The Practice

In the mornings, you will be treated to a mindful, balanced vinyasa practice that will awaken and revitalize your body. You will deepen your practice of hip-openers, back bends, arm-balances, inversions, and standing poses (of course, options will be given for students that need them). In the afternoons, you will develop your seated meditation and pranayama practice, preparing for each with forward bends, twists, side-bends, and restoratives. Each practice will strike a balance between effort and relaxation, and will be taught with Jason’s unique blend of alignment cues, sustainable pace, and mindfulness teachings.

The Details

You will be fed very well with fresh local ingredients that include fish, vegetables, fruit, and everything else you want to eat. Yes, you’ll eat three meals a day and won’t do any dishes.

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Dancing with the Dharma; 5Rhythms® & Insight Meditation with Lucia Horan

November 5-10, 2017

In order to understand the dance one must be still. And in order to truly understand stillness one must dance. – Rumi

In this weekend of meditation and dance, will we integrate the stillness of Buddhist mindfulness meditation with the moving meditations of the 5Rhythms. The Buddha encouraged us to bring wise attention to every aspect of our lives. In sitting meditation, we have the opportunity to observe the mind and body at rest through silent introspection. In the practice of the 5Rhythms, we engage in mindfulness while in motion. The 5Rhythms is a map that teaches how energy moves. The two polarities of moving and sitting meditation together mirror the dance of life. In this journey we are always moving between these two spectrums. If one learns to not cling or avoid, one can hold the place of the silent witness and be with all that life offers.

We encourage meditation students to practice mindful dancing in order to bring balance and insight into their lives. We invite dancers to engage in sitting meditation in order to embody integration, balance, and insight. Join us for the groundbreaking union of these two deep and wise practices.

No experience is required. All workshop hours contribute to 5Rhythms® teachers training prerequisites.

 Lucia Horan was born into the family of the 5Rhythms®. She has been dancing with Gabrielle Roth from the time of her birth. Lucia was born and raised in the community of Esalen® Institute, in Big Sur, CA. She was certified to teach the 5Rhythms in 1998. She is recognized as an international teacher of the 5Rhythms® practice and a faculty member of 5Rhythms Global®. Lucia currently resides in Maui, Hawaii.

 Retreat Pricing Structure: 

6 Day Price: $750.00 – locals only (must show Hawaiian license)
INCLUDES: Lunch & Dinner per day, and access to the workshop

6 Day Single OCC:
Total single OCC price: $2000.00 – Early Bird Pricing before September 21; After September 21 – $2250.00
INCLUDES: Single Occupancy room, 3 meals per day, and access to workshop

Double OCC:
Total double OCC price: $3000.00 or $1500.00 per person – Early Bird Pricing before September 21; After September 21 – $3500.00 or $1750.00 per person
INCLUDES: Double Occupancy room, 3 meals per day, and access to workshop

To book this retreat please contact:

Remember Atlantis: Mermaid School & Temple Dance Retreat

December 14-18, 2017

Remember Atlantis Retreat

Teacher Bios:

Aradia Sunseri is a Temple Fusion Belly Dance artist & Founder of ‘Ritual Movement Arts ” (women’s mystery school)

Aradia has over 15 years of experience in the movement arts and performance in theater, on film and stage. Expressing the anatomy of the soul through ritual dance and original handmade costumes. As an interdisciplinary artist, priestess and lifelong yogini, Her unique style incorporates Tribal/ Temple fusion belly dance, modern dance, ballet and butoh. Aradia’s art is rooted in yoga, somatic dance therapy modalities, ritual performance & theatrical improvisation.

 RITUAL MOVEMENT ARTS  (R.M.A) Is an innovative blend of Hatha yoga, Temple Fusion Belly dance, & Ritual Theatre. Enter into the mandala of sacred dance & explore the art of women’s vitality practices. Since 2008 (R.MA) Founder & instructor Aradia Sunseri has been teaching women’s workshops, retreats, & festivals internationally. Honoring the transmissions & lineage work of sacred dance she weaves the meditative aspects of ceremony & cultivation of personal practice. Empowering the global sisterhood in awakening into the body’s natural wisdom & ecstasy of self-expression.

Hannah Mermaid has been featured worldwide for her underwater ocean conservation and performance art, creating her own spectacular tails, performing for film, music videos, campaigns, photo shoots, public speaking events, festivals & environmental actions. She swims with sharks, whales dolphins, seals, turtles, rays and more in the open ocean.

Hannah can hold her breath for minutes at a time and free dive to depths of over 50 feet. She broke records as the first person to dance with Tiger Sharks on the ocean floor with no scuba or snorkel gear, and was part of an activist group who paddled out to protect dolphins from slaughter in the academy award winning film ’The Cove’.

 She released a short film called Mantas Last Dance that propelled Manta rays into the public eye and helped pass a law to protect mantas worldwide.

Hannah is an advocate for ocean protection, female empowerment, animal conservation and universal love

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Feminine Mastery's Women's Retreat

January 21-27, 2018

Awaken your Feminine Mastery, led by Cyndie Silbert, Founder of Feminine Mastery

Nearly 11 years ago, my awakening began on Maui when gentle whispers turned into purposeful messages from the Divine Feminine. From this connection which has turned into a Divine partnership in mentoring and transforming the lives of women all over the world, I created Feminine Mastery and the 5 Archetype System. Each year a new group of women join me on Maui to answer their own calling to discover who they are, embrace their dreams and reveal their destiny.  The Awaken your Feminine Mastery retreat is centered in our signature process, which models the transformational pattern of a butterfly. You will begin with a deep immersion within and complete by emerging in your fullest expression.

From the moment you step off the plane, Maui will embrace you and invite you to let go and leave the everyday world behind. You will spend 5 nights at Lumeria Maui. Each day will be infused with mindfulness, personal reflection, group sessions, and immersion into the loving embrace of Maui’s Aloha spirit moving from the mountainside to the ocean and back again. This seamless yet purposeful integrative experience will provide you with the optimum environment for true and lasting transformation. Dropping deep into your truth, you will access a new way of being that will forever enhance the quality of your life and create a new foundation for your true expression.

Imagine yourself totally transforming and emerging with presence, clarity and an empowered vision engaging the fulfillment of your desires with ease and spontaneity. Your guided program will be enhanced with a massage of your choice, daily meditation and yoga and nutritious meals. You will have time to relax by the pool, unwind with a massage, kick back in a hammock cradled by restorative winds while soaking up the rich and stimulating grounds of Lumeria Maui.

To top off your experience and immerse you in Maui’s true transformational gift you will embark on hikes to sacred grounds on Haleakala and a boat tour to the island of Lanai with dolphins dancing and snorkeling in marine reserves.

The healing sea and sacred mountainside invite you home to balance, home to being and home to your true calling.

Isn’t it time to listen to that quiet yet powerful voice inside of you? Although your mind might be saying, “That would be nice someday,” imagine what would be possible if you listened to your heart and experienced the magic of what happens when you finally put you first. Give yourself the gift of these 6 days.

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