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Lumeria Maui Spa Massage

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Lumeria Crystal Massage:  Our signature crystal massage is a unique and deeply nurturing healing treatment, incorporating therapeutic touch massage, Shanti Kai gemstone and flower aromatherapy essences, and the radiant healing energy of Lemurian Seed Crystals. This treatment can be adapted for expecting mothers seeking a gentle pre-natal option.
60 min. $165 | 90 min. $235  * Special: 60 min. $145 | 90 min. $215
*Upon request, this treatment can be performed in one of our open air ocean view hales for an additional fee of $25.

Rolfing© Structural Integration:  Transform your posture with advanced global bodywork. Customized and painless, this “fascia”-deep connective tissue manual therapy will support you to feel relaxed, taller and lighter. Shoulders relax, tensions melt, and you will feel “unglued” with better range of motion. There will be a new sense of the ground and ease of gait after your session, creating a deeper sense of trust and integration for the mind and nervous system.
Please wear comfortable, loose fitting shorts or slacks and top (no dresses or skirts) for this treatment.
60 min. $195 | 90 min. $240 | 120 min. $285  * Special: 60 min. $175 | 90 min. $220 | 120 min $265